How to choose the best psychological therapy for you?

Why do I need therapy, and what is it?

the importance of understanding your mind
Helping your mind grow

Therapy helps you increase your self-awareness and self-esteem, thereby increasing your sense of well-being. There are different types of psychotherapy, each with its theory on why people become the way they are. These include psychoanalysis, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and others, including humanistic therapies, systemic family therapy, etc. There are several options for psychotherapy in India to help you decide what type of psychological disorder treatment will be most effective for your needs.

When it comes to mental health, one size does not fit all. There are many different types of psychological therapy, and the right style for you will depend on your unique needs and preferences. If you're new to therapy, don't worry. Let's take a look at some of the most popular psychotherapy modalities so that you can find the right fit for yourself!

Why do I need therapy, and what is it?

psychodynamic therapy in Bangalore
Psychodynamic and Psychoanalysis for our psyche

This type of therapy was developed by Sigmund Freud and focuses on the development of a client's mind or psyche. Psychodynamic theory is rooted in psychoanalytic theory and tells us how much of one's behavior is driven by unconscious motivations and conflicts stemming from early experiences with parents or other authority figures. The theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy should be done by an experienced therapist. While the patient may not have direct access to these memories due to their being out of conscious awareness, they can still be brought up indirectly through dreams, play therapy techniques, artwork, etc. A trained and well-equipped therapist can help you figure out things since there are often strong emotions attached - especially if an unresolved conflict has been carried over into adulthood.

Did you know?
The main difference between psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapy is in theory: whereas psychoanalysis views behavior as motivated in large part by subconscious conflicts originating from early childhood, the psychodynamic theory emphasizes interaction between childhood events and current psychological problems!

Humanistic Therapy- Gestalt, existential and client-based theory

unconditional positive regard and humanistic therapy
Helping you untangle your thoughts

The humanistic approach in therapy is based on the theory of self-actualization. This theory states that each individual has within them a unique potential or talent, which if actualized will lead to psychological health and happiness in life. Humanistic therapy theory also includes the concept of "unconditional positive regard". When applied by a therapist, it refers to their nonjudgmental focus on caring about what happens to the client without setting standards for living up to this concern (or any other standard). Your therapist can use other techniques as well!

Gestalt therapy is also a theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy that places emphasis on personal responsibility, freedom of choice, awareness of feelings in the present moment, the possibility for positive change. Client-centered therapy theory states that involving the client in dialogue is central to this type of therapy. Existential therapy is another style of therapy where the therapist tries to help you find the meaning and purpose of life.

Did you know?
Gestalt psychologists were the first to study problem-solving in humans and apes!

Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

learning important strategies to cope
Therapy for a better tomorrow!

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is both a theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy technique that emphasizes the important role of thinking in how we feel and what we do. Cognitive therapists help you identify and change any thinking patterns that may hamper your quality of life. They involve strategies like emotional regulation, relaxation techniques, mindfulness training. Cognitive-behavioral therapy to treat depression is also quite helpful. This type of therapy also helps in focusing on a specific problem an individual is facing using a goal-oriented approach.

Psycho-education is a key element of cognitive-behavioral therapy. Patients are educated about their illness and the psychological factors that contribute to it, which helps them take ownership of the treatment process.

Did you know?
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy holds a success rate of up to 90%! The more invested you are, the more your rate of success is.

Marriage and Family Therapy

marriage and family therapy in Bangalore
Helping you and your loved ones align

Marriage counseling modalities are systemic therapy, emotionally focused therapy, experiential, psychodynamic, etc. These therapies typically focus more broadly on relationship dynamics or patterns between two or more people.

In addition, marriage and family therapy modalities are used for treating multiple members within a family system who have similar issues with communication, boundaries, emotional distance/attachment, etcetera. Systemic Therapy works to identify problematic behavior patterns between two or more people, which can be found within the context of their relationships (be it familial, platonic friendships), while experiential focuses on fostering growth by encouraging direct experience through bodily sensations instead of words. Emotionally focused therapy helps the client build a relationship with their emotions, and it does so by focusing on healthy interactions between them and other people.

Did you know?
Contrary to pop culture, therapists actually will not ask your partner to break the relationship. Instead, they help all the parties involved in the family system to find a firm footing within the relationship and make it happier.

Integrative Therapy

Integrative therapy in Bangalore
There's no one size fits all!

Integrative therapy is a type of therapy that integrates elements from other therapeutic models to provide treatment tailored for your unique needs as a person. Researchers have found this form of therapy effective. This technique has been found to be effective because the theory is based on the idea that people are complex and therefore cannot always best benefit from one specific type of therapy.

A well-equipped psychologist or a psychiatrist can best decide which type of therapy will work best for you.

Did you know?
This technique is ALL about you! Quite literally because it is tailor-made to how unique you are.

An Ending Note

Therapists in Bangalore
Growing and Glowing

Always note that the theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy should always be done by an experienced therapist. Never shy away from asking your therapist about their professional background. Therapy is a process that can take time. Remember, the right therapist will help you and your loved ones in the best way possible. You are working with someone who has your best interests at heart and will help guide you along this journey. There are different types of psychotherapies available, but each has different techniques that help work effectively towards their goal: treat or manage a specific condition or illness. Don't worry; we have your back. Your search for clinics for psychotherapy and counseling in Bangalore ends here!

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