Will Psychotherapy Really Help Me?

Updated: Nov 20

Table of contents:

● Is Psychotherapy Effective?

● What are The Factors Involved in Making Therapy a Success?

● How Does Safe Space Help You?

● The Ending Note

Is Psychotherapy Effective?

The effectiveness of therapy depends on a lot of factors. The background of the client, the issue being dealt with, the psychotherapy techniques being used to help the client, etc. If you’re looking for a detailed answer then let me tell you that according to a recent survey, it was found that a client in therapy dealt with their issues almost 80% more effectively than one who did not seek psychotherapy. Now that number says a lot about how psychotherapy can actually help you and to what extent! So simply put, yes, psychotherapy is effective.

What are The Factors Involved in Making Therapy a Success?

Even as individuals we remain a part of a community. It could be a society, a cultural organization or humanity at large. We are closely knit with our surroundings and community as we are with ourselves. And so, our culture, background, friends and family - all have an integral role to play in our lives. All these factors and more combine together to influence our behaviour, actions, reactions and thought process in ways that are deeply rooted but often remain unseen.

After gaining a thorough idea and understanding of all these factors, your therapist will choose a psychotherapy technique that aligns best with the problem at hand and your goals of seeking therapy in the first place. In simpler words, your therapist will most likely opt for an integrative approach towards the process of healing.

The effectiveness of psychotherapy does not solely depend on what problem or issue is being addressed by the client and the therapist. The history and background of the client and the type of approach the therapist opts for determines the outcome of therapy sessions for both the individuals.

How Does Safe Space Help You?

At Safe Space, all counsellors and therapists diligently work towards helping you help yourself. We choose the psychodynamic and psychoanalytic approach. It focuses on helping the client find out and realise the root cause of their issue. It could be a change in behaviour, thought process or unwanted feelings - anything that is fuelling the problem. Your therapist will initiate conversations or provide you with certain tasks or “homework” to help you identify these causes of issue and motivate you to suggest changes independently.

The goal of the psychodynamic approach of therapy is to make the client become aware of not just the pain points but also of solutions. We at Safe Space believe that the client is powerful enough to help themselves. We simply provide them with the right navigation to achieve their destination or goal in the smoothest way possible!

The Biopsychosocial Model of Health

Various factors contribute to the formation of issues for the client. They might not be visible or tangible but affect the individual’s mental health directly or indirectly. These factors can be biological, psychological or social. And so, the solution should also cater to all these three factors one at a time or simultaneously, depending on the problem.

Safe Space follows the biopsychosocial model of health to help its clients attain better mental health through talk therapy. The model supports the idea that the cause of our illness or poor mental health is interlinked with our biological, social and psychological factors on an everyday basis. No single factor entirely contributes to a person’s poor mental health. All these forces are strong enough to accelerate one’s overall development as well as put a halt on it.

Therapists at Safe Space employ different forms of psychotherapy techniques and tailor it according to the needs and goals of the client in seeking therapy. We thrive to help you take control of your health - be it mental, emotional or psychological.

The Ending Note

Psychotherapy techniques involve different kinds of tasks that help the client in the long run. Therapy is not about finding a shortcut to eliminate the issue for the time being. No. It’s about looking for alternative ways to deal with the same problem. This is done to ensure that you are confident enough to handle difficult situations on your own.

At Safe Space, your needs are kept as a priority and our therapists and clients work together as a team to help the latter achieve their therapy goals as efficiently as possible. Our team of highly qualified and certified therapists and counsellors, regularly train and upskill themselves to give you the best therapy experience!

Happy healing.

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