How to Keep the Spark Alive in a Relationship: A Guide on Play

"What do you want to do tonight?"

It’s a question that every couple should be asking each other more often. We all know the answer too- it should be something fun, adventurous, or just plain silly. Play is an important aspect of any relationship and can even help deepen your connection with one another. It sounds easy enough but the truth is, life gets in the way sometimes. It is something we should never take for granted. It may come naturally to you and your significant other at the beginning, but it becomes more difficult as time goes on. Making playtime in your relationship a priority can help keep things interesting between you two!

You have obligations at work, kids to take care of or family members who need your attention- these are all things that make it hard for couples to play together on a regular basis. That's why we're here with ways to keep the spark alive in your relationship by having fun together!

1. Date nights

Date nights + not sharing food (if you're a Joey)

This is obvious playtime for some couples. But, while date nights are great and can be romantic, they shouldn't become an every-weekend activity if you two want to keep things new and exciting in your relationship. Even sitting down for an intimate dinner can be very beneficial, sure Joey doesn't share food and neither do you!


2. New adventures

travelling with your partner
Travelling, experiences together, and visiting a place with your partner can help you bond!

Try new activities together or go somewhere different on your next weekend outing! A vacation is another wonderful way of keeping the play alive in a relationship. If you're looking to take a trip with your partner that will bring both of you closer together. There are a lot of possibilities and activities that can be done while traveling. Check out new restaurants, go hiking or biking in a nearby national park, visit the beach if you're near one! There are so many fun things to do together when on vacation with your significant other!

New experiences bring us closer to our partners and add playtime into any relationship. These all require planning ahead but are definitely worth it for keeping the spark alive in your relationship!

3. Shopping


Can this list get any more convenient to show your partner?

How often do we find ourselves complaining about having nothing to wear? Shopping with friends is an easy way for couples to bond while still getting some fresh air and checking out new places. There’s no need to go overboard either - just visit one or two stores. Shopping is seen as a chore by many people, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can always go window shopping or do some light browsing! Plus if you snatch some good sales, you can save up on some money!

saving up with your partner
Learning to be financially independent is such an important part of every relationship!

The beginning of a relationship is filled with play, which is often seen as being part of the development process - activities such as dates or vacations are usually involved in this time frame. Eventually though play tends to fade away when couples settle down into their lives together and mundane responsibilities take over. It becomes harder to find time for fun things together so scheduling it will be necessary. Overcome common barriers that come with planning ahead by checking out options, making plans, saving money etc...

Playtime needs to become essential in order for any relationship to work well; "keeping the spark alive" refers primarily towards maintaining individual interests throughout life's different stages especially during the days of dating where both partners tend to be at their best.

So why should we encourage play in relationships?

love, care and respect
Fostering love and connection- relationships work with the work you put in!

The answer is simple:
Play helps us connect with others and a lot of connections can lead to love.

Play does not have to be grand, rather it's the small gestures that matter most. A movie date or dinner at our favorite restaurant could do just as well as riding on roller coasters together or taking up salsa dancing lessons. These are playful activities we enjoy doing together so they help bring happiness which in turn makes us feel closer than ever before!

Playing also gives couples some time away from their daily lives for themselves which strengthens their bond even more so when both come back refreshed and ready to face new challenges together hand-in-hand like never before.

Not only that but playtime brings spontaneity into life - something that sparks a rush of adrenaline in them. It’s something that makes them feel alive! A couple can go to the park and feed ducks, catch a movie together at their neighborhood theatre, play board games with friends or take up photography classes. There are so many different ways. Learning new things and trying out different activities definitely brings more happiness into life for couples who want to keep the spark alive in any type of relationship – be it dating or married.

kindling the romance
Dating to your future goals- kindling the fire.

Keeping the romance going is as simple as scheduling time for some playful activity once per week - every Saturday morning bike ride around town could do just as well as an hour-long hike through mountains during cold mornings where they have hot cocoa afterward by the fireplace while cuddling…and planning ahead will make sure there are no distractions other responsibilities on this special day


Adding spontaneity is another great idea for keeping the romantic connection thriving. For example, inviting a loved one to come along on a spontaneous weekend trip would be an easy way of showing that you care - and who knows where this might lead!?? If it works out, all the better; if not – at least there are no regrets about missed opportunities…and nothing beats new experiences in relationships with your loved ones!

New adventures- together!

Whether you’re single or taken, getting yourself some playful time outdoors will make sure romance stays alive during any stage of life. Allowing oneself to get lost in playfulness while being fully present together definitely feels good both physically and emotionally - just look up couples playing sports sometimes, it can really build intimacy between people. The single greatest relationship in your life that is important is the relationship you have with yourself and having fun with your partner while having fun yourself adds to a "one stone, two bird" situationship!

To wrap this up...

To better relationships!

Play keeps the spark alive! Getting out and being playful together is a great way to bring some spontaneity back into any relationship. Keep an open mind as you make your play plans, stay flexible, and remember that once in a while it might be best if one of you takes on the role of instigator or initiator - initiating fun activities doesn’t always have to come from both sides all the time. Be creative with how you approach planning playdates for each other! Get messy by going beyond neckties and cologne when dressing up for these types of outings too. Above all else, don't forget why you're here with your partner today- enjoy!

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