What is Counselling?

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Essentially, counselling is talk therapy.

It is an active process where an individual, group, couple or family meets with a professional counsellor to talk about issues they are facing. The counsellor acts as a neutral mirror to your issues, helping you to gain more clarity on your issues.

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Professional counselling is confidential and non-judgmental. It is aimed at providing opportunities to gain insight into yourself, your problem and the existing dynamics (in case of couples or families).

Counselling actively pursues goals set mutually, between the counsellor and client(s).

Do I need counselling?

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Whether one needs help with their issue or not, is a personal decision. However, often, our well-wishers understand when an issue needs professional help, better than we do. You need counselling if you or your well-wishers feel you do.

When one feels unable to deal with their issues, counselling can help provide the tools and skills required to equip you to deal with your issues yourself.

That said, counselling is not only for issues and problems. The counselling process can be utilized for self-improvement. This aspect of counselling often goes unnoticed, although the best time to get better is when everything is good.

Does counselling help?

Short answer, yes. Each counsellor has their unique style of counselling that is guided by their theoretical orientation. Theoretical orientation, simply put, is the school of thought that gives a detailed explanation of human behavior, emotions and cognition.

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Theoretical orientations are based in research conducted all over the world for many years now. These theories are tested and re-tested by researchers on various populations, under various conditions. Positive results give us evidence that these orientations do help people.

As to whether counselling will help you, as an individual, couple or family, depends heavily on the compatibility and rapport built between client(s) and counsellor. [Understand how to choose a suitable counsellor]. Along with that, several internal and external factors like effort, willingness, affordability, openness to change, social support, etc. factor in.

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