Seeking help reflects self-awareness and strength
- the awareness of a need and the strength to seek it​

Individual Therapy

Session duration: 50 mins. 
Fee: 1500
/session + GST

Couples Therapy

Session duration: 90 mins. 
Fee: 2000
/session + GST

Therapy is an excellent tool to improve relationships. Couples often seek therapy when:

  • The partners have hit a roadblock

  • Unpleasantness, unresolved fights and resentment

  • Couples dealing with societal pressures [such as, cultural differences, homophobia]

  • Couples planning to get married who wish to be better informed

  • Clashes and differences in parenting styles

  • Challenges regarding career, money, household

  • Intimacy and sexual challenges

Family Therapy

Sometimes families get stuck in unhelpful patterns, giving rise to issues among members. Family therapy has been proven to be highly effective. Families seeking therapy:

  • Family crisis when members are struggling to cope

  • Children/Child acting out

  • Through a life transition [like, birth, children leaving for college] when members need support

  • A divorce or separation

  • One or more member in a health crisis, terminal illness, mental disorder, disability or substance abuse, and the family needs support to cope with it

Session duration: 90 mins. 
Fee: 2500
/session + GST

If you are unsure, please contact us

While there is no limit to reasons for seeking therapy, some common ones are:

  • Feel "stuck" in life, relationship, job or situation

  • A crisis or loss, struggle to cope with it

  • In an abusive relationship

  • Difficulty coping with day-to-day responsibilities, tasks and chores

  • Struggle at work or to balance work/life

  • Struggling with anger or stress;

  • Self-improvement and/or strengthen relationships

  • Feel lost, hopeless, without purpose or meaning

  • General dissatisfaction with your life